Feature Cocktail Spicy Mango & Mint Paloma

Limited Time Only

Spicy Mango & Mint Paloma

1oz Tromba Blanco Tequila | Mango Purée | Habanero Lime Juice | Agave Syrup | Mint | Grapefruit Soda | Tajin Rim


Limited time only. Taxes extra. Please drink responsibly. Must be legal drinking age.

frequently asked questions

A Paloma is like a citrusy dance party in a glass, blending grapefruit, lime, soda, and tequila for a refreshing fiesta!

Sorry Amigos, this zesty Paloma is the life of the fiesta, but it's skipping the Happy Hour discount—it's just too VIP (Very Important Paloma) for that!

Palomas pair perfectly with all our zesty Mexican inspired menu items enhancing the vibrant flavours with their citrusy kick and tequila zing - but if we had to pick we'd say start with the Chili Popcorn Shrimp for the ultimate tastebud fiesta!

Our feature Paloma is a zesty blend of Tromba Blanco tequila, mango purée, habanero lime juice, agave syrup, mint, grapefruit soda, and of course a Tajin Rim!

This Paloma is as spicy as you and your Amigas! Subtle, with a kick that keeps your taste buds dancing until the last drop.